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Summary of ACM-SAUDI National Programming JAM 3.0

March 20, 2017

Results of ACM-SAUDI National Programming JAM 3.0

acmchapter2   psu    CIS


The competition is organized by the College of Computer and Information Sciences at Prince Sultan University. Summary of Programming Jam 3.0 .pdf


goldtrophy gold           1ksu
silversilver trophy          2    psu
bronzebronze trophy            3            ksu


Rank User Score University
1 SRS 570.00 King Saud University
2 S2B 565.00 Prince Sultan University
3 ATOMS 543.34 King Saud University
4 ICODE 531.67 King Saud University
5 IT_GEEKS 487.23 Prince Sultan University
6 MASTERMINDS 481.11 Prince Sultan University
7 BLACK_HAT 462.23 King Abdulaziz University
8 THE_ULTIMATES 457.78 King Saud University
9 KSU11 451.34 King Saud University
10 OneBlock 442.78 King Saud University
11 SEU1 366.67 Saudi Electronic University
12 SEU2 366.67 Saudi Electronic University
13 PSU_COMPUTER_LAB 335.00 Prince Sultan University
14 EFFAT_TEAM_B 328.34 Effat University
15 MAHMOUD_AHDAB 323.33 Prince Sultan University
16 NAHAR_RAM 299.45 King Abdulaziz University
17 USE_CASE 296.45 Prince Sultan University
18 JAVA_ANGELS 281.67 King Saud University
19 PSUXplode 273.01 Prince Sultan University
20 SWES 261.66 King Saud University
21 QUPROGRAMMERS 235.00 Qassim University
22 TEAM_TAIBAH 230.00 Taibah University

For complete list of ranking, please refer to https://www.hackerrank.com/contests/programming-jam-3-0/leaderboard


What is ACM-SAUDI Programming Jam 3.0

The Programming Jam 3.0 is an annual programming contest that is organized by the ACM Chapter in Saudi Arabia annually in Prince Sultan University. After the successful previous events, this year, this competition was open to all students of Universities in Saudi Arabia, as a new form of gathering programmers at national level and as a joint event among Saudi Universities.

This programming contest falls under the umbrella of ACM Professional Chapter in Saudi Arabia and is organized by the College of Computer and Information Sciences of Prince Sultan University to nurture the innovation, creativeness and collaboration to help and support new groups of software programs.

It also helps the students to test their ability to perform well under pressure with limited time. The contest will follow the format of the traditional ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). More details about the Programming Jam 3.0 can be found it its website: http://psu-saudiarabia.acm.org/event/psu-acm-national-programming-contest/


55 students’ teams participated from 8 universities registered and participated to the contest


The map shows the distribution of number of accesses to the landing page of ACM-SAUDI National Programming Jam 3.0 from March 05, 2017 until 19 March 2017. In Total, 577 new users accessed the page where the majority came from Riyadh Province with 390 users.1


Dissemination Process

The ACM-SAUDI Programming Jam 3.0 organizing committee has made sure to reach all Universities in Saudi Arabia by implementing a dissemination plan to send the call for participation to all Universities in Saudi Arabia. Since March 5, 2017, the call for participation was sent by emails to faculty members of the universities in Saudi Arabia.

We tracked the access to the landing page of the ACM-SAUDI Programming Jam 3.0 using Google Analytics. The table below shows the statistics of page access per region of Saudi universities.


The table below shows the statistics of page access per cities in Saudi Arabia.



In response to the call for participation, we recorded 55 teams from 8 universities in Saudi Arabia. The table below shows number of registered teams.

University Number of Teams
Prince Sultan University 5 males, 13 female
King Saud University 1 male, 20 female
King Abdulaziz University 6 female
Effat University 3 female
Saudi Electronic University 1 male, 5 female
Princess Norah University 1 male, 4 female
Taibah University 1 female
Qassim University 1 female
Prince Suttam University 1 male

82% of registered teams are female students, where as 18% are male students


Programming Problems

The Programming competition contained 14 programming problems proposed for students to be solved in Java. The list of the problems titles is presented in the following table.

  Problems Titles
1 The Coin Change Problem
2 Array Combinations
3 Social Relationship Analyzer
4 Verification
5 Golf Tournament
6 Crossword Counter
7 Alien Codes
8 Markov Matrix
9 Semantic Mind Reader
10 Flash Disk Storage
11 Permuted Words
12 Path Crossover
13 Even Sheep
14 Pattern Recognition

14 Programming Problems to Solve in 14 Hours. 6 Hard Problems, 4 Medium Problems, and 4 Easy Problems

Tight Competition 4

The competition on the first rank was very tight and serious among the first four teams, since the first hours. The atoms1 (KSU) team was ranked first in the start of the competition, and then in the last six hours, the teams srsTeam (KSU), s2b_team (PSU) and icodeksu (KSU) were fighting seriously on the first rank in the competition.

The last 20 minutes were intense between the srsTeam (KSU) and s2b_team (PSU). Until 20 minutes before the end, srsTeam (KSU) was in leading position, and s2b_team (PSU) was in first position, and this last until 5 minutes before the end of the competition where the srsTeam (KSU) ripped out the first position at the very last minutes. We congratulate the srsTeam (KSU) team for this outstanding achievement, and for s2b_team (PSU) and atoms1 (KSU) for the second and third positions.

Organizing Committee

Credits are granted to the organizing committee of the ACM-SAUDI Programming Jam 3.0, which have demonstrated an excellent commitment to the success of the event.

Name Role
Dr. Anis Koubaa ACM Chapter Chair, Organization Chair
Dr. Liyakathunsia Syed ACM Chapter Vice-Chair, Organization Co-Chair
Ms Layal Kazma ACM Secretary & Logistics Committee
Ms Malak Al-Shedokhi ACM treasurer
Ms Roohi Jan ACM Chapter Membership Chair
Dr. Basit Qureshi Hackerrank Administrator
Mr. Omar Ghalem Chair of Programming Problems
Mr. Yasir Javed Logistics Committee
Ms Ishrat Khan Logistics Committee
Dr. Evi Mansor Web Administrator

The organizing committee would like to thank the following people at Prince Sultan University for their help:

Dr. Mamdouh Alenezi, the CTO of IT at Prince Sultan University for helping with providing IT facilities and access during the week-end.

Dr. Sofianiza Abd Malik, Ms. Malak Alshadokhi, Dr. Evi Mansor, Ms. Isharat Khan, Ms. Noura AlGwaiz, Ms. Reham Al-Skireen, Dr. Suad Alramouni, Ms. Layal Kazma for helping with proctoring students during the event.




March 20, 2017